13 brands to discover for the beauty of black and mixed skins

13 brands to discover for the beauty of black and mixed skins

In recent years, the world of cosmetics has seen the birth of a large number of specialized brands, whose products are destined for matt, black and mixed skins. We would almost forget that not so long ago, finding products adapted to the specific needs of our skin, was part of the journey of the combatant. Today, we face an increasing number of brands, including The range of products is constantly more varied and sophisticated. It is then difficult to make the right choice. To simplify your life, I have listed the most serious brands, whose products are adapted to our skin tone. Thus, you will not lose more of your time in long unsuccessful searches, nor your money, Effectiveness remains to be proved. Here is the list of 13 serious brands to take care of your skin. This list is intended for all sensitivities (pro Bio or not, matte skin, black, mixed, etc.), and to all budgets (prices range from affordable to expensive).
13 brands to discover for the beauty of black and mixed skins

100% natural brands

For those of us who swear by the 100% natural, here is our small selection that will meet your requirements.

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1. OUADAÏ COSMETICS, The Chadian Kingdom

The OUADAÏ company was born to answer the lack of certified products for black, matt and mixed skin. The goal of this brand is to offer high-end organic products at affordable prices . The characteristic of the OUADAÏ brand is to propose products whose ingredients are  100% natural. You will find under this brand, essentially makeup, which has the specificity of containing pigments that adapt according to each type of Carnation . Ladies, you who judge only by the 100%, OUADAÏ is the mark of makeup that you need!

2. AMETIS, the brand with millenary virtues

The AMETIS range of products meets the needs for moisturizing and repairing the types of matt, black and mixed skin . With 100% vegetable ingredients, recognized for their thousand-year-old virtues, AMETIS offers a complete range of facial and body care . Finally, its products are made exclusively in France, rigorously controlled and not tested on the animals.

Ecocert and Cosmébio certified brands

3. Blackish, the Black

Noirônaturel, is the brand whose ingredients are up to 98% natural and of which 53% to 97% of the active principles are Bio. This is far beyond the requirements of Ecocert and Cosmebio. The brand is attached to a blog, which  deserves a look . You will find essentially under this brand, soaps, oils, masks as well as hair care.

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4. BLACKBAO, illuminate your skin

The PHYTEMA laboratories have created the BLACKBAO brand for black and mixed skin. The brand consists of a range of skin care without hydroquinone, called “Illuminant for mixed and black skin”. It is possible to follow a BlemishBasic + Skin Health Restoration Program in 3 steps that:

  • Lightens, illuminates, corrects, unifies
  • Cleans, exfoliates, purifies, blends
  • Lifte, repulp, hydrate, anti-wrinkle

Brands tested under dermatological control

5. Biolissime, be natural and sublime!

With products that are clinically tested, Biolissime is one of the few brands to guarantee the traceability of each ingredient , as well as to respect the environment. Its range of products is specifically oriented towards the regulation of pigmentations , so To standardize its complexion.

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6. NUHANCIAM, for demanding women.

The NUHANCIAM brand distinguishes itself by its desire to create products that meet the requirements of women , as well as scientific requirements. Its products are made in France, tested under dermatological control and not experimented on animals. Finally, the ingredients used are 92% of natural origin. The NUHANCIAM product line concentrates on the elimination of the unsightly tasks present on the matt and dark skins. You will find its products at affordable prices, on the internet, in Some pharmacies , and in specialized shops for black and mixed women such as Provi’al in Paris

Accessible to small budgets

7. Melyssa Cosmethnic, she has everything

Melyssa Cosmethnic, is a brand that can easily be found in the local supermarket at very affordable prices. With 58 references, the range of makeup Melyssa Cosmethnic to satisfy all requirements . It is for all women who want to be beautiful without spending too much. The blog blackbeautybag tests some products , whose quality proves to be surprising for the price.

8. Black is Biotiful, the black Bio will soon disappear

The company that hides under the mark of make-up Black is Biotiful, namely BIOTIFUL PEOPLE, is in legal liquidation. Unfortunately, only the fluid foundation (rich in vegetable extracts and mineral pigments, colors Amber, Caramel, Copper , Chocolate, Acajou, Coffee, Ebene and Doré) is still available today in online shops and some boutiques. These products are certified Ecocert certified and labeled Cosmebio , and are aimed at women with black and mixed skin.

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Fashion brands and fashion

9. TRUE COLORS Paris, for all colors

The brand TRUE COLORS Paris is aimed at women who have a skin tone that goes from mat to dark . This brand is distinguished by the cosmopolitan character of its makeup, with ranges that address each type of skin tone (Asian , Caucasian, Black, Mixed). Good point, the mark does not test its products on animals, and its products do not contain any substance or derivative of animal origin .

10. Smashbox, the famous unknown

Smashbox is a very famous professional cosmetic brand in the United States , but little known in France. It offers fairly complete product lines for Asian, Caucasian, black and mixed women . You will find BB cream, CC creams, makeup, and facials. One can find the products of the mark, especially in Sephora at affordable prices.


11. Iman Cosmetics, the glamor brand

Iman, the world’s top model, the one who worked for the greatest fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace and Calvin Klein, created thecosmetics “IMAN Cosmetics” in 1994, to meet its own needs. Today, its brand is a global benchmark. The Iman Cosmetics brand offers a rich range of products adapted to a multi-ethnic clientele (Asian, Caucasian, Black, Mixed) . Products range from facials, Hair and make-up. Although Iman products are high-end, prices remain fairly accessible.

12. HT26 laboratories, the science of black beauty

HT26 laboratories are among the precursors in the world of care and make-up for black and mixed skin. The brand consists of 5 product ranges based on plant extracts, which aims to hydrate, lighten, treat stains, and nourish the skin. The price of some products is quite high, however the quality seems to be at the rendezvous. One can find the ranges of products of laboratories HT26 mainly on their website. Products under the brand name “HT26” are available in many online shops.

Care for babies

And yes, let’s not forget our babies. To look after their skin today is to make life easier for them tomorrow.

13. Aunea Cosmetics, protects our little ones

Aunea Cosmetic is the specialized brand for black, mat and mixed babies . The products are made up of natural ingredients, whose essential function is to guarantee a long-lasting hydration for the skins and the hair of the babies while putting The product lines are limited to a 2 in 1 Shower Gel, Body Lotion , and a detangling Spray, available in different packaging.


Now that you’re in possession of this list, it’s up to you to play, and choose the brand you need. Do not forget, by adapting the care to our skin, whether it is matte, mixed or black, our beauty will be better enhanced, and better preserved.One last advice, it is better to choose a brand for needs Specific . This will give you the most effective results possible. In fact, you will avoid  the possible interactions, between the molecules present in the products of the other marks. This could impair the effectiveness of the active substances in the various treatments, or simply cancel out the expected effects!

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