5 Blogs Organic / Natural Beauty to Follow

5 blogs of beauty

I know you ! And I know you like to have beauty blog listings to follow. This is the opportunity for me to share with you 5 organic or natural beauty blogs that I love to follow. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list and there are surely lots of other really interesting hyper blogs – do not hesitate to share them via comments, for that matter . Disclaimer / I voluntarily dismissed some blogs that I do not like: I liked to follow them in the past and today,…

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5 perfect gifts for the filmmaker

designer lehenga choli

Photography and video share some technical but not all of them. To make good videos, the filmmaker needs to use some specific tools that a photographer could do without. For this reason, we have left our photographer cap aside to focus on the real needs of the filmmaker. We have selected 5 gifts that we think are particularly useful for carrying out any kind of sequence. 1. Stability accessories: tremors, it’s over! In photography, there are many situations where the use of a stability accessory is necessary (I think of…

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