Fairness for Fair Trade Grows, Not Purchases

Fairness for fair trade grows,

The 12th edition of the Fair Trade Fortnight opens Saturday May 12, with a thousand events to sensitize consumers. A survey by the association Max Havelaar, unveiled exclusively by La Croix, shows that the French are very supportive of this approach. But the brakes on purchasing remain strong and growth in the sector has been declining since 2009. Sales of fair trade products are growing at a much slower pace than in the past in France. Between 2002 and 2005, turnover increased by almost 80% per year. In 2009, growth…

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12 Beauty Products from Africa That the Whole World Envy Us

12 beauty products

Since the dawn of time, the beauty of the woman has not ceased to make her talk. Maybe that’s why thousands of beauty products are on the market. Of course, most of these products come from Western countries. But what most do not know is that many natural products needed in the composition of these products come from Africa. So zoom on some basic products of African cosmetics. If you are among the people who do not know these products, here is a list that will be useful and informative….

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