Inspiring Your Life: Fashion and Teenagers!!!


Fashion, and more precisely clothing, refers to the manner of dressing, in accordance with the tastes of an epoch in a given region. It is a way of affirming one’s social status, one’s social group, one’s purchasing power and one’s personality. The notion of fashion goes beyond the necessity to dress and the phenomenon of fashion has long been the privilege of the aristocracy at court and of the well-to-do class imitating the modes of the court before becoming popular and becoming a mass phenomenon . The term appears in…

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Fashion in Youth: Danger or Benefit?

Are you the type to worry about others? When you’re not in front of the mirror, are you on the phone discussing your new clothes with your friends? Nowadays, many young people dress not for themselves but especially for others. Physical appearance is a very important element in the lives of young people. They must make a good impression to get accepted by groups of friends connected. This constant desire to integrate and to want to be noticed by all, derives from superficiality. Some of them are between 11 and…

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TOP 10 Effective Burn-Fat Foods


Among the vegetables that boost weight loss, eggplant is a champion to absorb fat! If you want to test its absorption power, cut a few slices, make them back in the olive oil and watch! You will see that she tends to play the role of sponge and drink the oil! Imagine what eggplant gives in your stomach! Very rich in fiber and pectin, eggplant traps the fats we assimilate, thus promoting the elimination and destruction of toxins, and improving intestinal transit. So do not hesitate to make regular consumptions…

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