Why is fashion so important to teens these days? | Teen Opinion Essay

Fashion is a phenomenon that affects a lot of teenagers. Indeed, the way of dressing corresponds to the taste of each individual. It allows us to distinguish ourselves in order to show where we come from and what our identity is. Teens are often influenced by stars, by advertising and by news stories. Others prefer to adopt more eccentric looks, which could correspond to them. In a first part, we will show how fashion is a means of asserting oneself and distinguishing oneself. In a second part, we will study…

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Fashion Influences Young People

fashion and people

The garment is a second skin, it allows us to send back the image of the other because it says a lot about the wearer. Everyone takes more or less conscious account of how to be dressed in the other because the first impression one has of someone is visual. In adolescence, where the young person is searching for his identity, clothing allows him to assert himself. At an age when the body is transformed, it helps it to appropriate and master what escapes it. Thus, a teenager who has…

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