Strawberries, Among the Best Slimming Foods


These slimming foods will help you lose weight, and this in three ways: they will limit your calorie intake, increase your metabolism and curb your cravings … The best of all worlds! HEALTHY PLEASURES Strawberries, among the best slimming foods When you crave a sweet food, go for strawberries . Low in calories and considered as one of thebest burn-fat foods , the strawberry is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Plus, this tasty red fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt less! Indeed, 100 grams of strawberries count only 33…

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Clothing: A stage of socialization among its peers R


The way we dress and our way of life are closely linked; In addition to its practical function, the garment makes it possible to compare itself with others and to have self-confidence. It is also a means of integration for the individual.   Sociologists note that dress conformism reaches its climax in college. At an age where individuals are still very fragile and with personalities little asserted, following the fashion allows them to “get into the mold”. It is the tyranny of the majority. Young people try to resemble one…

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