How do celebrities live their celebrity?


From George Clooney to Jennifer Lawrence, the stars make the same observation: it brought them a very comfortable life but deprived them of a certain freedom. Often questioned on the subject, celebrities love to pretend to be Mr and Mrs Everybody … What they will never be. George Clooney “Celebrity has allowed me to live more than comfortably. On the other hand, she also deprived me of freedom. Attending a baseball game in the bleachers without triggering a riot has become impossible. Same when I have to buy boards and…

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The Retail Trade In Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods Inc. Announces

Are you doing that business? SKILLS Professional qualification Business skills Mastery of management SPECIFICITIES Weight of investments Importance of quality of location Intensity of competition PRIVATE LIFE Level of remuneration Degree of time constraints Ease of replacement Sporting goods trade is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the retail trade, and has been growing steadily over the past two decades. Thus, its turnover increases in value, but also in volume. An important and growing potential clientele (increase in the number of licensees in sports federations, marked growth in practices outside…

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The fascinating world of swings


What’s so special about a swing, and what influence do swings really have on our life? People have been asking this and other questions on the topic of “swings” since time immemorial. We know, for example, that a swing bed has a calming effect on babies and rocks them to sleep. We know, too, that children are only too happy to mess about on a swing, and that even grown-ups like to settle down on the famous Hollywood swing and experience a touch of romance. The precise influence that swinging…

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