5 perfect gifts for the filmmaker

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Photography and video share some technical but not all of them. To make good videos, the filmmaker needs to use some specific tools that a photographer could do without. For this reason, we have left our photographer cap aside to focus on the real needs of the filmmaker. We have selected 5 gifts that we think are particularly useful for carrying out any kind of sequence.

Accesorios para vídeo

1. Stability accessories: tremors, it’s over!

In photography, there are many situations where the use of a stability accessory is necessary (I think of the macro or the photo night) but it is not systematic. For the video however stability is essential and for this reason there is a wide variety of accessories designed to offer you great stability in any type of situation , to adapt best to the circumstances of the moment and to your concrete needs .

Estabilización para vídeo

See stabilization accessories

 We are particularly excited to talk to you about the last offspring of Sevenoak that arrived at the shop. The multifunctional stabilizer pocket SK-VH10 could be your ideal gift because you will appreciate its off-road side and its very soft price.

Estabilizador Multifuncional Pocket Sevenoak SK-VH10

See pocket multifunction stabilizer

You can use it in multiple positions and it can function as “self-stick”, once folded, you can easily slip it into your bag.

2. CineMorph filters: simulate the anamorphic effect

Here is another product especially interesting for those who love video. The CineMorph filter range created by Vid-Atlantic simulates the famous effects of the anamorphic format, widely used on the big screen.

The effects it produces are the famous oval bokeh and linear reflections.

Formato anamórfico - bokeh ovalado

Bokeh oval – film shot with an anamorphic lens

Formato anamórfico - flare lineal

Linear reflections – film shot with an anamorphic lens

These filters are screwed to the front bay of your lens, just like any conventional filter. They are available in different diameters from 77 to 58 mm.

Filtros CineMorph from Vid-Atlantic

View CineMorph filters

Because it’s always better to see it than to read it , why not take a look at the next video, it shows you the effects you could get thanks to this filter …

3. Video targets Samyang VDSLR AND Samyang Xeen

Cinematic lenses also differ from those of photography on some technical aspects. Among these aspects we will think of serrated rings for manual or motorized Follow Focus systems or the smooth transition of the focus and diaphragm.

Samyang VDSLR

See video objectives

Samyang  is a recognized brand in the world of video with its VDSRL lenses and the latest Xeen professional video range. Objectives designed to meet your technical needs as a filmmaker.

Samyang Xeen

4. Viewfinders to improve your vision during filming

During a shoot, it is very important that the cinematographer has a perfect viewing of the scene. Thanks to the viewfinders, you can get a very precise idea of ​​the sequence, because the LCD screen of the device is projected very clearly. These optical visors for LCD screen block the entrance of the light, like a conventional visor.

Visores para vídeo

See viewfinders

5. Rotolight Video Lighting and Sound Kit

And finally, the pearl of our shop, a gift that is not ideal if not super ideal for those who love video, the portable kit of lighting and sound, the latest product of the recognized brand Rotolight. It includes a 4-hour LED lamp and a unidirectional condenser gun.

Kit of iluminación LED y micrófono Rotolight

This kit makes it possible for the one who uses it the essential tools to make videos in outdoor, camcorder in hand, for moving or static shots, interviews, video clips of day, night …

Two really useful tools put together in a kit. Lightweight and compact, this kit will follow you everywhere because it alone fills many of the problems present on any shoot. It is ideal for those beginning in the world of video as for those who wish to improve their results.

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