5 Quirky Gifts To Gift Your Mom and Dad On Their Birthday

5 Quirky Gifts To Gift Your Mom and Dad On Their Birthday

Birthdays are a time of celebration, laughter, guzzling down heaps of chocolate and decadent cakes and spending time with loved ones. When it comes to your parents’ birthdays, more than presents, they would love your presence! Rather than spending money on expensive gifts, give them your time or, at the very least, something useful.

Here are some unique gift ideas for your parents’ birthdays:

Plan a family trip

Perhaps the best gift for mom on her birthday would be to plan and go on a family trip. Moms often complain that their children don’t spend enough time with them – especially if they live away from their parental home. Therefore, giving her a family trip will help her catch up with you and your siblings while relaxing and unwinding from life’s everyday stress.

Your trip need not be a foreign one if you have budget constraints. A simple trip to the outskirts of the city or at a nearby hill station will suffice.

An electronic photo frame

If you or your siblings’ schedules don’t permit a family trip or a get-together, the next best thing is to give her an electronic photo frame. Parents always want to know what their child is doing or if they are healthy and happy.

Gifting them an electronic photo frame where they can see numerous images by swiping is one way to show them that you’re always close to their heart even though you live far away. It’s a good gift for mom.

Portable music player filled with classic Bollywood songs

If your father is a lover of classic Bollywood songs, a good gift for dad will be a Saregama Carvaan – a portable music player pre-loaded with 5000 evergreen Bollywood, devotional and instrumental songs. Your dad can listen to the melodious Lata Mangeshkar or tap his toes to R.D. Burman’s blockbuster hits any time, anywhere.

The Saregama Carvaan comes in a wide range of attractive colours, like Walnut Brown, Cherry-wood, Oakwood Brown, Electric Blue and Porcelain White, and can run for a good five hours when fully charged.

A Jewellerybox

It’s no secret that women love jewellery. However, your mother may have a vast collection of exquisite earrings, pendants, bracelets and other knick-knacks from years of entertaining guests, attending a slew of weddings and family functions. Which is why it makes sense to gift her an intricately carved hand-crafted jewellery box where she can stash all these precious and delicate items without worrying about their safety or where she kept them last.

Luxurious shaving/shower kit

Parents usually take personal cleanliness and grooming very seriously. In the hot and humid weather in India, it is extremely essential to be clean and well-dressed at all times.

Take your parents’ grooming products up a notch by giving a luxurious, lather-rich shaving kit to your dad and a pampering gift basket to your mom filled with aromatic bath salts, rich body lotions, handmade lush soaps, etc.

So now that you have some gift ideas for your parents’ birthdays, it’s time to put those grey cells to good use and make the most of the occasion.

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