6 Birthday Gifts For Parents

6 Birthday Gifts For Parents

Numerous cultures all over the world celebrate birthdays. Usually, friends, colleagues and family members give birthday cards, cut a cake, hold a birthday party and offer gifts to the person celebrating the anniversary of their birth.

If you’re wondering what to gift your parents for their birthday, here is a helpful list of items you can present to them:

  1. A Lord Krishna Idol

An artistically carved idol of any God can be a perfect addition to a home’s temple. This is a particularly ideal gift if your parents often conduct pujas or are fond of collecting sculptures, paintings and other works of art depicting various Gods and Goddesses.

  1. Saregama Carvaan

A portable music player, such as the Saregama Carvaan, is a good gift for music lovers. This player comes with a set of 5,000 pre-installed classic Bollywood songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Jagjit Singh, Gulzar and other singing legends. Your parents can sing along with these revered artists and tap their feet to R.D. Burman’s beats.

  1. Silver Plated Tea Set and Tray

Silver tea sets are highly popular utensils used to serve guests an assortment of snacks. A silver plated tray set spells elegance and sophistication. Presenting food in an attractive manner using high quality and artistic cutlery is becoming popular around the world. In fact, decorating food is seen as an art form by many culinary experts.

A silver plated tea set with trays is a good birthday gift for parents who are social and frequently invite friends at home.

  1. Personalized Pen

Pens are still used by many people today to jot down a list of groceries to buy, create checklists, pencil in important appointments or scribble post-it notes on the refrigerator. A personalized pen with the name of your parent inscribed on it can be a highly useful and memorable gift.

  1. Tribal Art

If your parents have a penchant for art, particularly paintings, a tribal art painting might be a good gift for them. Warli paintings, Madhubani paintings, Gond art, Kalamkari block printing and Pattachitra cloth paintings add to a home’s décor and depict India’s vibrant culture. Some people collect tribal paintings from all regions of India.

  1. Spa Basket

Birthdays are also a good time to pamper parents with a spa basket filled with essential oils, bath salts, lotions, handmade soaps, scrubs, loofahs and other bath and body products. Spa baskets give the feeling and relaxing effects of spa right at home. Many of the bath salts and essential oils are infused with herbs that can soothe sore muscles.

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