Best Keepsake Ideas For Babies

Best Keepsake Ideas For Babies

Oh how we love babies. How much more if these are our kids. They are just so cuddly and adorable. Babies tend to grow up so fast and we would want to celebrate little achievements they have. Because of this, we have momentous events to celebrate. Alongside these celebrations are keepsakes.

A keepsake is considered an item that is kept or given to remind ourselves of a particular person. In this case, for our little angels. There are already a lot of keepsake ideas for babies in stores and in online. If you are still confused on what to get, here are the best keepsake ideas and we’ve ranked them accordingly.

Top 1: Memory Book.

This is perhaps the best keepsake to date. A memory book or a journal is a good way to document your baby’s milestones. Take a picture of their every move and see how they’ve grown over the years. You can even incorporate their precious prints too like their hands or their feet. The good thing with a memory book is that you can be creative with it. You can also write notes that would describe the milestone. And you can always look back to these book or journal in many years.

Top 2: Pictures and frames.

What better way to keep memories of our little tots by having pictures. Snap your cute angel using your phones or a camera. Have it printed in your nearest photo store or you can even print it using your personal printer. Make sure to buy frames so you can be able to put these on your walls and even the nursery. Furthermore, you can even give these to the grandparents or their godparents. It would truly be a wonderful addition to their collection and to always remind them of your little angel.

Top 3: Custom Jewellery.

Keep your angels close to your heart. Incorporate their little footprints in varied custom jewellery pieces. For example, you can have a pendant of your baby’s prints. This would be a good reminder of them especially when you are away. Plus you can be able to wear this piece everyday and you can also keep it close to your heart. This would be a truly wonderful wearable item and perfect as a gift during Mother’s Day and even Father’s Day.

Top 4: Custom Gifts.

There are already a lot of unique and even affordable keepsakes that you can keep and give. Good examples are mugs, key chains, pillow covers, shirts and more. Nowadays, printing is just made easy especially with pictures. You can also outsource this one to other providers. This would be great to give as giveaways during your angel’s birthday. You can even give these to godparents too and your baby’s visitors.

These are some of the many keepsakes you can have. There are still other unique ones out there. Click here to know more of these keepsakes. Remember, this item is more than just a giveaway. This is a reminder of your little tot every single day.

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