Why Mangalsutra is Important in Hindu Marriage?

Why Mangalsutra is Important in Hindu Marriage

The Mangalsutra is one of the most common and most important jewellery items in India. It’s popularity and place in our culture exists because of its link with the Hindu marriage system. In every Hindu marriage it’s tied around the neck of bride by the groom. But what is it that formed this tradition? What is the thing that makes mangalsutra significant enough to be made a mandatory part of Hindu weddings? In this article we’ll try to get the answer to these questions. Basically a mangalsutra is nothing but…

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Getting started with wedding Jewellery selection

bridal jewellery sets

There is no limit to style factor. You can add as many interesting elements as possible at the time of wedding ceremony. You can look around for the latest trends in selecting a dress, theme, and bridal jewelry sets. Whatever you select, you need to ensure that you look your best. In this article, we provide you with trends that can be followed when selecting your jewellery set that matches perfectly with your wedding dress. Avoid overdoing This is the first thing you need to keep in mind – not…

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Which Jewellery Will You Buy For Your Partner?

Jewellery Will You Buy For Your Partner

There are lots of types of jewellery that you can buy for your partner. It could be their birthday or it might be your anniversary. You will need to think about your partner’s personal preferences when you are buying jewellery for them. They might prefer crystals or they might prefer to have gold. Which jewellery will you buy for your partner? You May Want To Buy A Ball Point Pen With Crystals You might want to buy some Swarovski jewellery such as a ballpoint pen which has some crystals embedded in…

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Make Use Of Floating Keychains For You Company Logo Promotion

Keychains For You Company Logo Promotion

Companies and businesses use different types of things for their promotion. These items are called as promotional items. The reason for using these promotional items is to develop the business and to promote the service or product of the business. In general, businesses use a lot of promotional items like notebooks, banners, posters etc. One such popular promotional item is the custom key chains. Key chains are small, low-cost, and are excellent marketing tools. Also, a keychain can be taken to any place as it is a handy item and…

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Add sparkle to your special day with stylish designs of engagement rings

engagement rings

Leeza Braun, the one stop destination for amazing Jewelry offers beautiful diamond engagement rings that evoke the precious moment of two people beginning their lifetime together. Each diamond that IS studded in engagement rings is hand-selected that gives exceptional sparkle. These diamonds were set in wondrous platinum and gold designs that make an elegant and beautiful ring for your most important life event. With stunning simplicity, each captivating design embodies their unrivalled diamond heritage and they celebrate the world’s most iconic symbol of love. To customize your engagement ring, you can…

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Jhumkas – The Ethnic Indian Accessory That Every Woman Feels Delighted To Wear.

Jhumkas - The Ethnic Indian Accessory That Every Woman Feels

Fashion keeps changing, by the time one trend reaches its peak the other takes over. However, with this hide and seek style statement one thing that could hold their positions are earrings. Earrings always have been the most important part of accessory. No matter what outfit you wear you will have a perfect set of earrings to make you look elegant. Archaeologists say that in ancient time’s people who believed life after death buried dead with their jewellery and other things. They wished their deceased to be well equipped with…

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