Everything you need to know for a perfect prom night

Everything you need to know for a perfect prom night

A prom party is usually a formal or semi-formal event held to say goodbye to high school and the last step to starting college. Both women and men should dress in their best attire to say farewell to classes and to party one last time with the class. JVN has in stock the most extravagant and glamorous prom dresses for girls who only look for the perfect with the gown you pick, even if they make you leave your comfort zone a bit. With the JVN prom dresses, you will aspire to become the next prom queen.

While a glamorous prom dress is the de rigueur look for any women, there are many other options. It may take a bit more searching, but keep in mind that your bold choice might turn out to be a bit unexpected at a prom party with a dress from JVN.

In general, prom dresses can be long, short, and anyway you want to look. Sometimes they have an asymmetrical figure or a pronounced opening. Short prom dresses are more concise and usually reach above the knee while long prom dresses tend to be the only appropriate option. Sometimes the dividing line between the two is not so clear, so to pick Jovani formal dresses, you should wear what you like and makes you feel the most gorgeous girl of the night.

A variety of shoe options for your prom dress

– Some good options are stilettos, open-toe shoes, and strips, as explained by D Magazine in Prom Closet Gets High Schoolers Ready for the Big Dance. Avoid those with thick soles like clogs. Make sure that the color of the shoes complements the color of the dress. They do not have to be the same color, but they do have to coordinate.

– If you’re not sure, opt for black shoes.

– You can also put more sparkle with shoes with a little shine.

– Satin shoes are almost always suitable for this type of event.

– Do not wear shoes with a wedge or with a cork or wood design. Nor is it usually appropriate to use any boot.

– Low ballerinas shoes can make you stumble if your dress is long. Consider the option of wearing heels or a shorter dress instead.

– If you cannot or do not want to wear heels, you can look for low shoes with touches of glamor and detail.

– If you are going out with a boy, try not to exceed it in height. If you are tall, opt for a pair of low-heeled shoes or low shoes if possible.

Shine bright like a diamond with your accessories.

If your prom dress already comes with a little shine, try that your accessories are not very flashy. Opt for simpler long earrings. Put on a cute necklace and bracelet that matches the brightness of your dress without conflicting. The jewels have to be in good taste. Value jewelry, such as pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, and gold bracelets, are fabulous accessories for women.

The jewelry is perfectly adequate, as long as it is sophisticated. For example, a rhinestone necklace will not look like a real diamond necklace, but it will give your dress a beautiful shine.

Wear a clutch

Clutches are the norm regarding formal proms. Those that are larger purses are considered too informal. Choose one that matches the color of your dress or shoes. Another option is small wallets with very thin strips.

Choose the best hairstyle for your dress.

Consider the idea of ​​going to a professional stylist to make your hair as elegant as possible but if you prefer to save money and make yourself a hairstyle at home that’s valid, use a hair straightener to make your hair as silky as possible. Another option is to use a curling iron and hair products to achieve broad and bulky curls that last all night.

Apply a glamorous night makeup.

Typically, at prom parties, the norm is a stronger makeup than the day today. One of the reasons is light, which tends to be more tenuous. Also, the prom parties are at night, so it has to be a little stronger than the one that goes to school because you will be dancing all night.

Try to make your foundation and blush look natural.

Use eyeliner and mascara to contour your eyes and eyelashes. Put on a thick layer of smoked eyeshadow. Complement this look with a neutral and shiny lipstick, but only a color that goes well with your skin tone.

Apply a minimum of color in the eyes and make the focus of attention are the lips painting them with a deep brick color or bright red that complements your skin tone. The darker the lipstick, the better it is first to apply a lip liner to prevent it from running.

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