Inspiring Your Life: Fashion and Teenagers!!!


Fashion, and more precisely clothing, refers to the manner of dressing, in accordance with the tastes of an epoch in a given region. It is a way of affirming one’s social status, one’s social group, one’s purchasing power and one’s personality. The notion of fashion goes beyond the necessity to dress and the phenomenon of fashion has long been the privilege of the aristocracy at court and of the well-to-do class imitating the modes of the court before becoming popular and becoming a mass phenomenon . The term appears in 1482 and refers to changes in the details of the clothing reserved for the elite.

For one of the characteristics of fashion comes from its incessant change, thus inciting to renew the garment before it   is worn or inadequate.

One of the categories of consumers most affected by fashion is that of adolescents.

Aged 13 to 20 years, their market share has grown steadily over the last   10 years. Indeed, they represent 5.4 million consumers  who saw their pocket money increase by 35% in 5 years and purchasing power oscillating between 1.5 and 3 billion euros (source: JDN, July 20, 2005 ).

Moreover, they have an increasingly prescriptive role in their families and they are the consumers of tomorrow.

Brands have a dominant role in their clothing purchases. It is according to them, that their looks are created.

Moreover, brands have become an average social phenomenon. Young people from all over the world now share a commercial culture in addition to their musical culture: they know and appreciate the same brands, shouting   the same slogans.


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