Why is fashion so important to teens these days? | Teen Opinion Essay

Fashion is a phenomenon that affects a lot of teenagers. Indeed, the way of dressing corresponds to the taste of each individual. It allows us to distinguish ourselves in order to show where we come from and what our identity is.

Teens are often influenced by stars, by advertising and by news stories. Others prefer to adopt more eccentric looks, which could correspond to them.

  • In a first part, we will show how fashion is a means of asserting oneself and distinguishing oneself.
  • In a second part, we will study adolescent fashion and its changes in time.



First, fashion is both a means of assertion and a sign of social distinction in the adolescent. 

Indeed, clothing expresses our identity . This makes it possible to see our personality: if one is discreet or if one likes to be noticed, if one is part of a group or not …. It is remarked that the fashion of dress depends on our social origin. For example, the tracksuit  is very successful among young people from neighborhoods who wear it every day, while the younger generation is wearing much more “classy” clothes.

Fashion also makes it possible to showcase our body, with trends every time new like jeans slim. And there are clothes adapted to each morphology: small, large, lean, round …


Then, teenage fashion has changed a lot in time. The way of dressing up so-called fashionable young people is actually totally dictated by advertising. Young people are therefore very attracted to fashion and brands because of advertising and the media. In advertisements, clothing sellers do everything to ensure that their product matches the wishes of young people. But, nowadays, young people are fascinated by the celebrities who themselves bear brands. So to be fashionable , that is to say to have swag, one   must wear clothes of marks. Indeed, we young people, we always think that it is “much better” to have clothes of brands that give a style rather than a clothes without a too classic mark.

Today, with the internet, young people want to be even more fashionable  because   many youtubeuses have private channels on youtube, dailymotion … where they offer styles easy to imitate and on the internet, circulate many photos of stars. It creates the buzz on the internet because sometimes it is enough that a star wears a garment so that it is out of stock the next day.

But some prefer to differentiate themselves from others by adopting more eccentric styles like Gothic, punk or even Hip-hop.This is due to differences in taste, the desire to belong to a group or simply to differentiate.

In conclusion, fashion among young people is a way of asserting oneself as an individual and advertising, the media play an important role in the way we dress because they are the ones who dictate new trends. But do not forget that the habit does not make the monk!


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