Fashion Influences Young People

fashion and people

The garment is a second skin, it allows us to send back the image of the other because it says a lot about the wearer. Everyone takes more or less conscious account of how to be dressed in the other because the first impression one has of someone is visual.

In adolescence, where the young person is searching for his identity, clothing allows him to assert himself. At an age when the body is transformed, it helps it to appropriate and master what escapes it. Thus, a teenager who has difficulty accepting her femininity because she is afraid of it tends to hide her body by donning a big sweater. On the contrary, the one who is proud will put its forms in values ​​by putting t-shirts close to the body.

For clothing is first a sexual marker. It is also observed that from the birth, the child’s dressing room is anticipated since its sex determines the color of what it carries: blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Later, the garment will play a certain role of seduction. The young people, who are in the making of this seduction, will use it as a means to attract the gaze of the other, to please, to see to be loved. Fashion allows the adolescent to test his ability to please the other sex.

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