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There is no limit to style factor. You can add as many interesting elements as possible at the time of wedding ceremony. You can look around for the latest trends in selecting a dress, theme, and bridal jewelry sets. Whatever you select, you need to ensure that you look your best. In this article, we provide you with trends that can be followed when selecting your jewellery set that matches perfectly with your wedding dress.

Avoid overdoing

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind – not to overload. No matter how attractive the jewellery set is, ensure that your selection does not outshine your looks. You have to stick to something that is subtle and blends perfectly with your dress. You don’t need to decorate every part of your body with a piece of jewellery.

Purchase one that blends perfectly

It is wise to select a jewellery set that matches with the colour code of your bridal outfit. You can select from gold or silver ornaments.

  • In case you are wearing a white coloured wedding gown then selecting platinum or silver would be the best option. It will add the best hue to your dress.
  • For ivory gown, gold can be the best match. It has the power to enhance the shade.
  • Champagne-coloured gowns go best with gold jewellery. It will enhance the warm tones and hue. You can also add some silver and traditional gemstone ornaments. This factor will offer you with a vintage look.
  • For blush-coloured gowns, you can purchase rose gold. The gold cast will perfectly blend with the pink shade of the dress.

Blend it perfectly with the neckline

Your wedding dress neckline will help in highlighting your overall looks and features. You can enhance it by selecting bridal jewelry sets that blend perfectly.

  • Strapless or sweet-heart neckline – to create gravity factor, it is best to select a perfectly-fitting necklace. Though traditional, the style is considered as a trending one. You can also try wearing chandelier earrings instead of a necklace. Few fresh-looking flowers can add a lot more to your looks, especially if you leave the hair off your face. You can also wear embellishment or feather barrettes. Wear bracelets, ring, and bangles that match your style.
  • V-neck wedding dress – You can try adorning the décolletage using pendant and choker, or a combination of both. A simple pair of earrings that match with the design can be worn. No matter what, select one that matches with your hair style.
  • Reverse halter or halter dress – you can buy jewellery set that can be pinned to your hair with vibes or pins to project a distinct style. Different combinations can offer you with gorgeous or retro looks at the ceremony. A ring and a bracelet can work the magic to add more style factor.

Avoid being overwhelmed – be yourself

When purchasing, focus on your dress. You just need to purchase jewellery that makes you feel comfortable when wearing. Diamonds or pearls- anything can add a retro look to your attire. Purchase bridal jewelry sets that help in highlighting your features.

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