Gift your mum an exquisite sari on her birthday

Party on your mind? Get shopping, quick!

You don’t really need an occasion to gift your mum, but if there is an occasion and you’ve left shopping for the last minute, you could shop for a saree online.

It’s a normal working day when you are suddenly jolted by a terrible realisation: Your mother’s birthday is approaching, and you still haven’t bought her a gift! Your mind works feverishly, ticking off one gift idea after another. A watch? No, you got her one last year. An expensive perfume? No, she doesn’t use them. A day at the salon? You did that recently.

The day is approaching fast and you have no clue what to get her. It’s the worst thing that could happen – or is it?

Your mum, your whole world…

She was the first person you loved truly, and she continues to be the only person in the world who you love unconditionally. She was always there for you, in challenging moments and happy ones. You could be the best of friends, you could buy her all the things in the world – and you could still never repay all the things she has done for you as a mother.

But sometimes, you want to gift her something special. Something that she will like, that will make her think of you every time she sees it. What can you gift a woman who has everything?

Why not gift her a beautiful saree?

Shop for sarees online – the perfect gift for your mother

Your mother is sure to have a lot of sarees already, but no woman can ever have enough sarees! Besides, she may have even stopped buying sarees for herself lately, preferring to wear salwar kameez suits on casual occasions. The only times she probably wears a saree these days is if there is a wedding or a formal event to attend.

But though she already has sarees in her wardrobe, a saree from you will always be special for her. She will treasure and cherish it forever – so make sure you put some thought into it.

What kind of design does she like? If she is a fan of floral motifs, she might not appreciate loud geometric patterns much. Then again, if you get her an intricately embroidered saree with sequins and deep colours in a floral design, she will think it is the most beautiful creation in the world. Some women like plain sarees with a contrasting border. Find out what she really likes before you start saree shopping online.

What kind of fabric does she prefer? Your mum might like crepe or spun cotton, or even khadi. Take stock of her favourite fabric and place your order accordingly when you opt for online saree shopping.

Which kind of saree does she not have? The best kinds of gifts are those that the receiver does not have but is sure to use in the future. The same applies to online saree shopping. If she does not have a Chanderi, get her one. Or if she is pining after a certain colour of Kanjeevaram, look for it online.

What is your budget? Saree shopping online is certainly cheaper than going to a brick-and-mortar store to buy the same one. But some sarees are more expensive than others, so you will need to budget accordingly. The good thing is, you can look for sarees within a certain band of budget by stating your preference on the online site. You can also specify whether you want discounts on online saree shopping.

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