Great Gift Ideas for the Manly Men in Your Life this Holiday Season: 2017 Edition

Great Gift

With the summer behind us, the kids are in school, our days are getting colder and shorter, and the trees have lost their leaves for the most part: winter is coming. Along with with we get the holidays, and with holidays we get gift exchanges. If you are having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift to get the manly man in your life, here are some ideas that may help get your brain moving in the right direction.

  • Outdoorsmen

Any guy who is into camping, hiking, fishing, etc. is fairly easy to start, but may be very difficult to get the right gear. Try to nonchalantly find out his favorite brands, what materials he prefers for clothing, and if there is anything he doesn’t have or needs replacing. Chances are that you can find out with a little investigating but you can also ask him straight to his face. It may ruin a little of the surprise, but at least you know he’ll like and use it. You could also ask them to make an Amazon wishlist and then they will give you multiple options you can choose to buy online or search for locally. Chances are Amazon will be the best deal however.

  • Garage Guys

Car, truck, motorcycle, and engine guys are also pretty easy to get moving in the right direction, but can also be pretty picky. They are usually very brand loyal due to quality and experiences, so you want to find out what brand they prefer at the minimum. Then you could probably go to a tool specialty store, talk to the employees a little and get some suggestions from them. Most garage guy think alike so if you can get some quality suggestions, chances are one of them will work for you. Just be sure he doesn’t already have it, because when garage guys want something they usually just buy it right away.

  • Sports Nuts

Sports guys are super easy to shop for because you have many different routes to go down. One of the easiest is a pair of tickets (or four would be better) to see a game live. Check out SeatGeek to see what deals you can find on the best seats. If you have the budget, make it extra special and take him to see an away game. You can plan other activities but make the game the primary purpose of your trip. If he prefers to watch the games at home, you could get him an autographed card, ball, or poster from his favorite athlete. There are special stores that only deal in sports memorable like autographs that we suggest shopping to avoid fakes. Anything authentic should come with a certificate and usually a little more documentation to prove it’s real.

  • Foodie

Everybody knows a foodie, and foodies are easy to please. There are three suggestions we have based on budget. First, if you have the money to spend, make a reservation at one of the finer restaurants in the city and treat him to a full night out. For people with a medium budget, get him a package from Omaha Steaks. They will deliver the best quality meats, frozen to your door. Lastly, for those on a tight budget, make him his favorite meal at home. If the likes to cook, invite him to help; if he wants to relax, be prepared to do it all yourself. The act will likely mean more than a monetary gift anyhow.


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