How do celebrities live their celebrity?


From George Clooney to Jennifer Lawrence, the stars make the same observation: it brought them a very comfortable life but deprived them of a certain freedom. Often questioned on the subject, celebrities love to pretend to be Mr and Mrs Everybody … What they will never be.

George Clooney

“Celebrity has allowed me to live more than comfortably. On the other hand, she also deprived me of freedom. Attending a baseball game in the bleachers without triggering a riot has become impossible. Same when I have to buy boards and a hammer. I am reduced to today to release the paparazzi who squatting my garden, with fire-lance. I do not consider myself to be a victim of notoriety, nor of anything else. Even if, honestly, people do not realize this forced isolation. When I hear an actor lamenting his fate, I ask him to wrap it up. Celebrity is as fragile as the wings of an insect that flies too close to a neon. It can burn in a tenth of a second. I must add that I am not unhappy that fame has fallen on me late. If I had been an idol at twenty, I would have ransacked hotel rooms to proclaim my evil of living. I escaped this and the hotel chains too! “

Miley Cyrus

“98% of fans are very nice. The remaining 2% are people who are looking for lice. One morning, with one of my brothers, I went to a restaurant to have breakfast. My hair was shaggy and I was not made up. Then a boy approached me and swung me: I’m disappointed! On TV, you’re much better. That did not stop me from finishing my bowl of cereal. “

Colin Firth

“Generally, I do not pay attention to it. I’m asked for an autograph. No problem. We want to take a picture without my knowledge. It suits me if it’s done discreetly. And then sometimes, it gives me. Now the paparazzi are everywhere and do not believe that they are all professionals equipped with super-zooms, no, you have kids, mothers of families who no longer hesitate with their little digital camera to shoot you in the ” Hope to resell their photos to tabloids. I remember a kid who almost threw himself under the wheels of a car to take a picture of my son! This society where everybody dreams of becoming a celebrity, it scares me. “

Jennifer Lawrence

“I never took myself for a star! On one side there is work. The evening, the first, the promo of the movies but after all that, I go home quietly, I put on a jeans and a t-shirt and I go shopping! All this circus around me, I do not feel concerned! It’s like someone else. I do not want to be locked up in an ivory tower! Besides, when I go to a supermarket, believe me, I know the price of things. I do not get pissed because I look at the labels and I compare. “

Robert Pattinson

“The hardest part is the conventions I took part in at the time of Twilight because I knew I was going to throw myself in the mouth of the wolf. From the moment you agree to go to this type of event, you must accept the risks. I had a lot of tenderness for 10-year-old girls who were asking me for autographs. But I confess that I never got used to the Twilight mum, you know those mothers of families, who are often in their forties, who screams every time you give them a little sign. “

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