Party on your mind? Get shopping, quick!

Party on your mind? Get shopping, quick!

It’s an emergency, but don’t panic yet – your favourite shopping app can bail you out with the best designer clothes online even at the last minute!

So it was a normal Wednesday at work when a colleague pinged you on IM and asked you what you were wearing to the party that weekend. ‘Party? What party?’ you asked, confused, then your eyes widened in shock. You completely forgot all about the party your office was throwing to celebrate a successful quarter. In the rush of meeting deadlines and trying to finish mountains of work, the party completely skipped your mind.

And now you’re mentally going through your wardrobe, trying to recollect if you have a dress good enough for the swanky banquet hall that the party is being held at. You will need something flirty, glamourous and feminine – and you don’t have anything in your wardrobe that ticks all these boxes. You are just two days away from the party. It is now officially Panic Station where you’re sitting!

As they say, keep calm and trust Jabong – or more specifically, the Jabong shopping app. Just install the app (if you haven’t already) and take your pick of designer clothes online. Now follow our lead –

* It’s quick and easy with Jabong.Buying designer clothes online is a breeze with the Jabong shopping app. Just state your parameters for colour, style and price, and the app immediately lays out all the available choices for you. All the biggest brands and the best discounts are available all year round on Jabong. Browse through the clothing quickly, before proceeding to choose footwear and other accessories. You might even pick up a new perfume and new lip stain.

* Proceed to pay.Now that your shopping bag is loaded and ready to be paid for, just proceed to pay for your purchases. You might need to register if you’re a new user. If not, just head to the checkout options and pick your payment mode – e-wallet, cards or net banking. If there’s a sale on, you can get fabulous discounts, promo codes to redeem and cash back offers – these are all adjusted at the checkout stage and the final bill is presented to you. Opt to save your card so that you don’t have to keep giving card details every time you shop.

* Choose express delivery.Jabong normally delivers your online designer clothes purchases as speedily as possible, but you are already short of time. We suggest that you tick the Express Delivery option so that your purchases are delivered the very next day. You might need to pay a little extra to avail of express delivery. But the delivery date is guaranteed.

Now wait for the dress and accessories to be delivered to your doorstep. Get ready for your party on Friday and rock the night as if you were prepping for it for months – only Jabong knows your secret!

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