Some General Tips on Selecting a Suit

Some General Tips on Selecting a Suit

Most people like to dress up well when they go out and wear something which makes them feel comfortable and look stylish. The hardest job for some men is to choose a prefect looking suit, which emits confidence when being worn for formal meetings, and yet looks smart enough for to be worn elsewhere at other occasions.

The suit is maybe the single most important garment in a fellow’s wardrobe. But, it’s also the least understood and whilst today, many males wear suits daily for work, not all of them really comprehends its details and intricacies.

  • It may be a case of a wrong fit, inappropriate material, or the lack of detail on the buttons and/or lapels, even the best looking fellows still need to do some homework!

The Perfect Fit

Probably the most crucial thing about a suit is that it fits perfectly. Many males go for suits which don’t fit their body shape, resulting in something which does very little to flatter their physique.

Try to ensure that the shoulders fit well because this is very difficult to alter and you need it to hang comfortably, not so small to inhibit any movement and also not too wide that your shoulders disappear.

Matters of Fabric

The most traditionally favoured fabric for suits is that of wool. Being warm in winter, and by comparison cool in summer, woollen suits are deemed ideal all year round. Wool is renowned for its plush and comfortable feel making it the perfect fabric for most men going for suit fittings in Sydney.

Linen and Cotton are also popular materials for men suits. They are lightweight, breathe well, and ideal for Australia’s hot weather season.

  • Cotton is comfortable to wear on a hot day, whereas linen has that breezy kind of look which is perfect for casual jackets.

Humble Buttons

The two button single breasted suits are nowadays the most favoured style currently for men. The two button suit, which has always been a classic and works with practically all body type, has remained popular down throughout the years.

  • The classic two button suit is an eternal style that every gentleman should acquire.

Single Breasted Suit

This type is certainly the standard for the modern male due to it suiting most body types with defined clean lines and a classic cut. Also, due to less material on the jacket, it also gives the impression of being less bulky when compared to the double breasted style.

Double Breasted Suit

And while a lot of folk ridicule this look for being somewhat old fashioned, the double breasted suit has actually experienced a modern revamp. The cut of the suit is now slimmer, whilst the length of the jacket has been given a cropped look.

Larger men with strong shoulders may want to check out the newer design, because it ideally balances out body proportions.

Make sure to get fitted out at a top quality tailors to look your very best!

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