Summer sales: the craze does not return, despite the end of the floating balances

Summer sales

Crisis, private sales and e-commerce boom have clearly changed the deal for apparel professionals. The time of the annual grandmasses represented by the sales seems to have passed. This is confirmed by the survey institute Ifop , which carried out mid-June for the online fashion specialist Spartoo , its annual survey on the intentions of purchases of French during the sales. In fact, only 58% of our fellow citizens say they intend to participate in the bargains that begin this Wednesday, June 24 until August 4. A figure that fell by 24% over one year, since they were more than 80% at the same time in June 2014 (82%). “The impact of the crisis is felt, Even if 16% of respondents say they do not know yet whether they will, “Spartoo said in a statement. Only consolation, the intention to participate in the bargains remains high in the under 35 years (72%) and in the young adults (82% in the 18/24 years).

This decline in purchasing intentions confirms a trend observed for several years. But it is particularly strong this year. The end in 2015 of floating balances (two weeks of balances a year placed at the discretion of the merchant), supposed to restore attractiveness to the classic balances, thus did not have the expected effect. Besides the crisis, the rise of private sales and promotions throughout the year weigh each year a little more on the interest of these biennial balances.

In a textile-clothing sector that has been in decline for 7 years, more and more brands are trying to attract the barge to big promotions throughout the year, or to sales events just before the official opening balances. At Jacadi , a specialist in children’s fashion , private sales for loyal customers began on 10 June. At Comptoir des Cotonniers , on the 17th of June. The same goes for the bohemian fashion specialist Antik Batik. According to the site Brandalley, it will be necessary to practice strong discounts (at least 50% ) to hope to see the French rush in store.

More openings and multichannel

The last reason for this lack of interest, customers have profoundly changed their shopping habits, taking advantage of the bargains on the Internet. “Nearly one in two French respondents believes that the Internet remains the ideal place to do the best business,” Spartoo analyzes. This is 12% more than last winter. This change of habit particularly affects fashion: among those who intend to make the sales, 82% will buy clothes online.

To offset this erosion, stores expand as long as they can their opening hours, especially the first week, the strongest in terms of sales. This will be the case again this year of the Printemps Haussmann in Paris, an iconic store of balances which realizes 11% of its annual turnover during the six weeks of summer discounts. It will open at 8 am on Wednesday and close at 8:45 pm (as on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June). Valet parking, 24-hour check-in and personal stylist: everything is done to attract a high-end and tourist clientele. Other brands hope to benefit from the rise of e-booking (online product reservation and in-store payment) or “click and collect” To boost their shop’s traffic. Always according to Spartoo, these two services, always offered free by the brands, will be used by 25% of participants in sales.

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