The 10 essential beauty products for men

beauty products for men

No, gentlemen, the beauty products , it is not “a chick thing.” And no, gentlemen, it’s not because you will use a moisturizer for the face or an anti-wrinkle that you will have lost all your manhood.

The male beauty is a very promising market. The cosmetic brands do not deceive themselves and multiply the new products … as has already been the case for many years in the women’s department. So, as it is not easy to find one, here is a short summary.

Hand and face care

When it is cold, the skin dries . Particularly on the face and on the hands. As such, a moisturizing cream seems essential. All men will not turn to the same references and all will depend on your type of skin at the time of purchase: oily, normal, dry, sensitive … The key is to ensure that your skin is protected from External attacks.

For the face, you can combine the use of an anti-aging treatment, a contour of the eyes (even if crow’s feet are a seduction asset for some …) or a good looking balm. The latter seems to us more “optional”, unlike the lip balm that too many men neglect.

The shaving, the big folder

When we talk about masculine beauty, shaving is a subject that can not be obscured … unless it is completely beardless! The shaving cream is an excellent solution to moisturize the skin and avoid cuts and irritations. After passing the blade, obviously think of the after-shave care, to apply on the face and the neck to calm any redness.
If you wear a beard (longer or shorter), the beard oil is highly recommended: not only does it give off pleasant smell, but it also makes your hair soft and shiny!

What about the hair?

As for the skin, the choice of a shampoo will depend on your hair type : curly, frizzy, stiff, long, short, fine, fat … To attract men, brands often focus on the anti -chute or anti-dandruff products. But you can also opt for a “multi-purpose” shampoo that will nourish your scalp while giving volume and shine to your hair.
The conditioner? Yes, it can be useful, but if you have a good shampoo, your hair will already be very well protected.

Our selection of 10 men’s beauty products

1. Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel Moisturizer : 41,90 euros
Moisturizing Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel

2. Aésop aromatic hand balm : 23 euros
Aesop Aromatic Hand Balm

3. Jack Black anti-aging serum : 69 euros
Jack Black Anti-Aging Serum

4. Roll-on concealer Nivea Men : 8.27 euros
Roll-on Concealer Nivea Men

5. Kyoku lipstick : 11,90 euros
Kyoku Lip Balm

6. Ultimate shaving cream 4VOO : 32 euros
Ultimate shaving cream 4V00

7. Aftershave refreshing gel Jack Black : 25 euros
Jack Black Refreshing After Shave Gel

8. Mr Bear beard oil : 17.95 euros
Mr Bear Beard Oil

9. Deodorant without alcohol Azzaro Chrome : 26,50 euros

Alcohol-Free Deodorant Azzaro Chrome


10. American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo : 37 euros

American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

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